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Anti Theft Alarm - Wireless Guard

Anti Theft Alarm - Wireless Guard
Anti Theft Alarm - Wireless Guard
Reference : Z_ALARM
Anti-theft and anti-loss wireless alarm for traveler's luggage and for people walking around in busy streets.

This wireless set comes with both a transmitter that you can attach to your luggage or purse as well as a wireless receiver. If the wireless receiver and transmitter get more than 5 meters away, the receiver will automatically being to beep to draw your attention, and all you have to do is push the alarm button and the transmitter will emit a loud alarm to tell you where it is or who has it. This set also features a useful anti pick pocket function, sending off a loud alarm if someone is unzipping your bag, as well as a vibration function letting you know if someone is tampering with your belongings.

Wireless Alarm Transmitter Wireless Alarm Receiver
Three Selectable Function Modes
Anti-Lost/ Pick Pocket Mode: Any Time Wireless Transmitter is 3~5 Meters from Wireless Receiver, Receiver will Beep.
Vibration Mode: If Mode is selected, when the Wireless Transmitter is Vibrated, Transmitter Will Alarm and Receiver Will Beep
Magnetic Mode: If Mode is selected, when Magnet Attached To Wireless Transmitter and A Zipper are Separated, Transmitter Will Alarm and Receiver Will Beep
One Touch Button for Any Time Alarm/Finding Items
One Touch Buttons for Functions ON/OFF
Remote Control Distance: Approx 5~10 Meters
Alarm Sound Output: 90dB
Power Source: Transmitter- x2 CR2032 Batteries, Receiver- x1 CR2032 Battery
Dimensions: Transmitter- 60x35x20mm, Receiver-50x32x19mm (LxWxD)

Product Notes:

Easy Use Keychain Design

Package Contents:

Anti-theft and anti-loss
Magnet Sensor

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12-Month Warranty

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