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Autofetch Motion Pet Ball - Mobile Power

Autofetch Motion Pet Ball - Mobile Power
Autofetch Motion Pet Ball - Mobile Power
Reference : Z_PBBLL
Autofetch Motion Pet Ball - Mobile Powerball for Dogs and Cats

Unique new motion animated pet ball that moves around to keep your favorite pet entertained for hours on end. By simply putting in a treat and turning it on, this pet gadget / pet toy will keep your pets mind active while giving it some much needed exercise and fun.

This motion powerball is both a joy for your pet as well as for you. Your pet will enjoy chasing the ball around to try to get at the treat you placed inside, while you get the joy of seeing your best animal friend play with this animated pet toy.

So how exactly does it work? Simple - you put a small piece of food into the treat slot and then give the pet ball a slight shake to turn on the internal auto-motion gyroscope. Now the ball will start randomly moving itself around the room. It will keep going even if it runs into a wall or other objects. The only time it will stop is if it does not get any interaction after 60 seconds! So as long as the treat is still in the ball, your pet will play with the ball. When the food falls out of the catch slot it is time for you to replace it with a new treat so your pet can have the fun of trying to get it out of the motion powerball.

At a Glance...

* Motion Pet Ball for Dogs and Cats
* Gives your pet physical and mental exercise
* Automatic movement with internal gyroscope

* Product Description: Animated Powerball for Dogs and Cats
* Color: Orange
* Primary Materials: Molded ABS Plastic with internal gyro- drive
* Ball Function Time:
- Continuous when shaken, hit, rolled, moved
- 1 minute with no interaction
* Movement Style: Randomized
* Power Source: 2x AAA batteries
* Dimensions: 13CM diameter (5.2 inches)
* Water Resistant: Yes

Product Notes:

* Water resistant, but do not submerge in water
* Recommended pet toy by leading veterinarians and animal psychologists

Package Contents:

* Autofetch Motion Pet Ball
* Small Screwdriver

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

* Can I use this motion ball with my pet Rabbit or Pig or Iguana?
Yes, it can be used with any pet, child, or adult human.
* How does the food treat come out?
The treat slot is designed to let the treat fall out only when it is aligned exactly right, which is exactly a degree or two above nadir. Meaning it may take you and your pet a while to get the treat out, but it will come out if you are clever enough!

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7-10 day delivery

Depending on your country and state, taxes may be due upon receipt, payable to courier service company

12-Month Warranty

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