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Bar Code Scanner With USB (X2)

Bar Code Scanner With USB (X2)
Bar Code Scanner With USB (X2)
Reference : ZLCB2
2 Bar Code Scanners With USB for Businesses

Increase productivity and transform your stock room and warehouse in to an organized dream land with this innovative bar code hand-held scanner.

If you're seeking investment protection and great value in a small light scanner that assures maximum productivity, then this item is the ideal scanner for you. This device helps you make head and tails of your inventory stock. This special bar code scanner comes with UPC/EAN/JAN ISBN/ISSN, Japanese Bookland EAN, full ASCII, Addendum 2 of 5 and many others*

Designed with the user in mind and careful ergonomics, this handheld barcode scanner comes especially shaped to be held and operated comfortably. After using the bar code scanner, you don't have to leave it lying on the table, provided with this model is a holder stand. Bar code systems provide an array of benefits, including operational efficiency, better customer service, and improved visibility of key business information to management.

Simplicity, Implementation and Cost Effectiveness:
Operators of barcode scanners can learn to use the equipment effectively in less than 20 minutes, and this intern will reduce system costs for manual labor. Bar code provide the highest level of reliability in a wide variety of data collection applications. Bar code systems create value not only by saving time, but also by preventing costly errors.

Information is your most valuable asset, so you need the most reliable data management systems available for your budget. Wrong information in your supply-chain or operations can create unacceptable risks, lost business and higher operating expenses. Protect your organization by ensuring data accuracy and availability.

At a Glance...

* Bar code Scanner
* Efficiency and Reliability
* USB Cable, 2 meters long
* ISBN / ISSN Decoding Capability
* Organized Your Inventory

# Primary Function: Barcode Scanner
# Operation:
- Light Source: 650 nm visible laser diode
- Depth of Field: 0 to 200 mm (UPC/EAN 100%)
- Width of Field: 128 mm @ 200 mm of depth
- Number of Scan Lines: 24
- Scan Rate: 2, 400 scans per second
- Scan Pattern: 7 directions of scan field
- Minimum Bar Width: 5 mil @ PCS=90%
- Print Contrast: 40% @ UPC/EAN 100%
- Indicators (LED): Two-color LED (red and blue)
- Beeper Operation: Programmable tone and beep time
- System Interfaces: Keyboard, RS-232C, USB 1.1

# Power:
- Input Voltage: DC 9V
- Power Consumption: 4.0 watts
- Operating Current: 450 mA

# Regulatory:
- Laser Class: CDRH Class IIa; IEC 60825-1: Class I
- Certifications: EMC, CE and # FCC DOC compliance

# Environmental:
- Operating Temperature: 0 to 40 degree Celsius (32 degree F to 104 degree F)
- Storage Temperature: -20 to 60 degree Celsius (-4 degree F 140 degree F)
- Humidity: 5% 95% RH (non-condensing)
- Light Levels: Max. 4, 000 Lux (fluorescence)

# Decoding Capability*:
- 1D Barcodes
- UPC/EAN/JAN, UPC/EAN with supplementary, JAN 8 and # JAN 13, ISBN/ISSN, Japanese Bookland EAN, Code 39, Code 39 with full ASCII, trioptic Code 39, Codabar (NM7), Code 128, Code 128 with full ASCII, Code 93, Interleaved 2 of 5 (ITF), Addendum 2 of 5, MSI/Plessy

# Setup Category Keys Using Your PC Keyboard:
- F1 key - Interface
- F2 key - Decoders/Scanners
- F3 key - Editing
- F4 key - Macros/Special Keys
- F5 key - String
- F6 key -Reserved
- F7 key - Buzzer/LED
- F8 key - Status/Diagnostics
- F10 key - Cloning
- F11 key - Reset

# Power Source: USB Connection
# Material: Hard Molded Plastic
# Dimensions:
- Handheld Bar code Scanner - L:160 x W:65 x D:90 (mm)
- Barcode Scanner Stand - L:195 x W:140 x H:190 (mm)

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