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Cup Warmer and USB Hub with Clock

Cup Warmer and USB Hub with Clock
Cup Warmer and USB Hub with Clock
Reference : Z2USB_HEAT
USB powered cup warmer and USB hub with clock. Advanced design USB powered cup warmer with 4- port USB hub and illuminated clock with date for use on your desktop.

Why suffer with cold coffee when you are ''in the zone'' at your computer? With this convenient cup warmer you can have a constantly warm cup/mug of coffee or tea. The cup/mug warmer has black tone insulation material around the metal heating plate for safety along with a red status light to let you know when the heating plate is active. After warmed, the warmer keeps your coffee/tea at a constantly warmed temperature for your continued enjoyment. Also useful for small mugs of soup, oatmeal and congee (we tested it here). Simple on/off switch lets you turn it on and off without having to unplug any cables. All that is needed is a simple USB port to plug into and you are ready for the long workday or night ahead.

At a Glance...

Convenient USB powered cup/mug warmer.
Heats and keeps beverages warm at 50~60 degrees (celcius).
4-port USB 2.0 hub for powering other USB devices

Main Function: Warming plate for ceramic, glass and metal cups/mugs
Power: USB port of computer
USB Cable: 36 inches (90cm) long
Heating Plate Temperature: standard operation 50~55 C
Systems: Windows 98SE / Me / 2000 / XP / Vista
Power Source: Computer USB for warming plate and hub, button battery for clock
Energy Usage: approx 2.5W
- Heating Plate: 80mm diameter (3.25 inches)
- Whole Unit: 135mm x 35mm diameter x height (5.5'' x 1.25'')

Other Features:

Four USB 2.0 ports for chaining additional USB accessories
LED red status light
ON/OFF warmer switch
Cup warmer has four foam rubber feet to keep it firmly and securely on your desktop

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Will this work with my Mac or Linux computer? Do draw power for heating, it should work with any USB enabled computer. However, the USB hub will only work with Windows computer.

Will the clock work when my computer is off? Yes, the clock works independently of your computer.

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