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DVB-T SCART Receiver

DVB-T SCART Receiver
DVB-T SCART Receiver
Reference : TNTSCART
Presenting a DVB-T receiver in a form of a SCART box that lets you watch Digital TV on SCART supported televisions. If you have a SCART input at the rear of your TV, then this DVB-T receiver will work on your TV.

This DVB-T receiver comes with a simple to use internal menu interface that makes it easy and simple for the end user to navigate through the menu options using the remote control. Straight from the box, you will be able to plug the SCART DVB-T receiver to the back of your TV, insert the (Infrared) IR Lead to the device, plug in your digital antenna on to the DVB-T receive, then grab the remote, sit back and enjoy.

This is basically digital TV made simple, the DVB-t receiver takes no space whatsoever, unlike the oversized digital boxes you get in retail outlets. Once you Switch on the DVB-T receiver, just go into the installation menu using the remote control, and select the country* you're in, once you've done that, hit the search button, and within minutes you will be able to start watching digital free view channels. You can even record your favorite TV shows straight to an SD Card, that's right. Simply connect the SCART DVB-T receiver to any SD card reader using the USB cable adapter provided, insert up to a 16GB SD card into the memory card reader and start recording, It's that simple.

This small and powerful receiver makes the perfect addition to your media system in the home, office, dorm and even the bedroom. The DVB-T SCART receiver is in stock today, get yours at an amazing factory direct wholesale price from Chinavasion.

At a Glance...

* Simple To Setup
* Watch Digital TV in Style
* Record Straight To SD Card

* Primary Function: SCART DVB-T Receiver
* Menu Options
- TV - TV List, TV Guide
- Radio - Radio List, Radio Guide,
- TV Settings
- Installation

* Setup Options:
- GMT Usage: ON/OF
- Time Zone: GMT setup,
- Set Date and * Time
- Antenna Setting: ON/OFF
- Country Settings,
- OSD Language

* TV Setup:
- TV Format: 4:3 LB , 4:3 PS, 16:9 LB, 16:9 Fit
- TV Mode: Auto, Pal, NTSC
- OSD Transparency
- Banner Display Time
- Video Output - CVBS RGB, CVBS S Video
- Video Enhancement - Tone , Black And White Expansion

* Password Setup:
- Setup Menu Lock
- Channel Lock
- Censorship Lock
- Change Password
- Advance Timer

* Onboard Ports:
- AV Out
- Antenna IN
- IR
- 5V DC Power IN

* TV Record Format: MPEG-2
* TV Record Resolution: 704 x 576 (25FPS)
* Storage: SD Card (Maximum 16GB)
* Power Source: Wall Adapter
* Dimensions: L:122 x W:66 x D:20 (mm)
* Certification: CE, RoHS
* Languages: English, Deutsch, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Netherlands, Danish, Swedish, Finland
* *Country Settings: Austria, Finland, Taiwan, China, England, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Holland, Sweden, Denmark

Product Notes:

* Simple plug and play
* It is not advisable to update the products firmware, doing so will void the warranty of the product
* Does not take up any space at all, that way you keep your TV area less cluttered than having a huge cable box in the way
* Note: This product will not work in North America. North America broadcasts in ATSC format not DVB-T

Package Contents:

* SCART DVB-T Receiver
* USB cable Adapter
* Remote Controller
* IR Lead
* Power Adapter 100-240V
* User Manual - English

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

* Does this DVB-T SCART receiver come with a digital Antenna as well?
No, digital antenna vary in length, depending on your location, it is recommended to purchase on from your local electronics outlet
* Is it really that simple to watch digital television
Yes it is, digital television is the future of TV entertainment, there are dozens almost hundreds of free view digital channels out there
* I got mine the other day, and it has the record function in the menu, does that mean it can record
No, The record function on this model is not activated
* What is the Mini USB port for? Is that how you update the firmware
The mini USB port is for factory use only. At no time should the internal firmware be updated as this will void your warranty.

Free Shipping

DHL or UPS Worldwide Air Express, 3-6 day delivery

Depending on your country and state, taxes may be due upon receipt, payable to courier service company

12-Month Warranty

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