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Multi-Currency Counter and Counterfeit N

Multi-Currency Counter and Counterfeit N
Multi-Currency Counter and Counterfeit N
Reference : Z_CCY_CNT2
Multi-currency counterfeit note detector and counter that lets you accurately count and detect 800 currency bills per minute.

Are you tired of having to always lift a bill and try and see if its fake or not? How about when someone pays a huge sum in cash and you have to count by hand which takes a while? Never again be fooled with counterfeit bills or waste valuable time counting and adding up manually. This is your best and safest solution in making sure counterfeiters do not try and pass forged notes through your business. This model counts and detects Euro, US Dollars ($) and British Pound currency notes. So whether your business is in the UK, USA or the EU, you've got nothing to worry about from now on.

This gadget comes with professional detection features like UV, metal thread, magnetic and infrared detection that makes sure any counterfeit bills that passes through the machine are detected. It has a built in battery which makes it portable to move around, and comes with a pull out tray where your money sits after its been passed through the hopper. This new hot item is a must have for any small, medium or large business, and will make your accountants very happy.

At a Glance...

Money counter for fast and accurate currency counting.
Professional grade counterfeit note detection.
Works with U.S. dollars, Euro's, and British Sterling in all denominations.

Primary Function: Multi-Currency Counter
Configuration Options:
- UV detection
- UV and Magnetic detection
- UV, Magnetic and Metal Thread Detection
- UV, Magnetic, Metal Thread and Infrared Detection
- UV, Magnetic, Metal Thread and Infrared Detection with Value Count Function
Add function
Batch function
Half note detection
Chain note detection
Double-note detection
Width detection function
Ultra Violet (UV) counterfeit detection
Magnetic (MG) counterfeit detection
Metal thread (MT) detection
Inferred (IR) detection
Feed System: Roller Friction System
Hopper Capacity: 120 old bills or 200 new bills
Stacker Capacity: 120 old bills or 200 new bills
Thickness of Countable Bills: 0.06 - 0.15 (mm)
Power Source:
- Rechargeable Battery, Car 12V output or AC 100-240V
Counting Speed: 800 notes/min
Certification: CE
Dimensions: L:245 x H:110 x D:165 (mm)

Product Notes

Can also be used with Chinese Yuan (RMB) currency
Make sure you read the instructions carefully before using
Comes with thickness adjustment for the hopper, very useful when counting notes of different currencies.
Quick power up, ready to use within seconds
Multiple detection configuration options available

Package Contents:

Multi currency counter and detector
Carry Case
Car Power Charger
Power Cord
Power Adapter 100 - 240V
Rechargeable Battery (Built In)
Cleaning Brush
Use Manual - English

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Can I count worn and used currency bills on this machine?
Yes you can.

What happens when money is jammed in the hopper?
Some currencies are thicker than other, this model comes with a hopper adjustment so when you count different currencies, you can adjust the thickness of the hopper accordingly.

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Depending on your country and state, taxes may be due upon receipt, payable to courier service company

12-Month Warranty

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