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Portable Instant Cell Phone Battery Char

Portable Instant Cell Phone Battery Char
Portable Instant Cell Phone Battery Char
Reference : Z9PORTB7
Keychain style instant cellphone battery charger that everyone with portable electronics should own.

When you're out of power, this innovative device steps in to give you up to 12 more hours of cellphone time. Perfect when you're waiting for a really important call. Crucial when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere. Indispensable when you need help . Plus its pink and white exterior makes it a nice fashion accessory too. How's that for form and function?

Part backup battery, part USB charging and part USB data transfer cable, this useful gadget hangs on your keychain or cellphone as a fob, unobtrusive and barely noticeable, until you need it. Say for example, you hear that familiar beeping sound and you look at the display of your mobile phone and see ''Low Battery''. Normally that would be cause for panic right? No longer with this instant cell phone battery charger. Simply plug it into your cellphone's mini-USB slot and bye bye low battery!

Let's say you're at a computer and you need to charge your phone. Where did you put that mini-USB cable? Oh well, simply plug one end of this device into your cellphone's mini-USB port and the other end into your PC, laptop, notebook, or netbook USB slot and your cell phone will charge like usual. How about if you want to transfer data? No problem, you can easily transfer MP3s, MP4s, music, video, photos or other files from your PC to your cellphone or vice versa using it. In fact, this amazing gadget isn't just a portable instant mobile phone battery charger, it's also a portable instant (digital camera, PDA, MP3 player, MP4 player, videogame player) battery charger.

Such an absolutely useful product in such a wonderfullly small form factor (roughly the size of an iPod Shuffle). Get one for yourself and another for your daughter, your spouse, or your girlfriend.

At a Glance ...

Instant cellphone battery charger
Up to 12 hours of extra cellphone time
Also USB charger/transfer cable
Charges other devices too
Acts as mobile phone / keychain fob

Primary Function: Emergency cellphone battery charger
Devices Supported: MP3 player, MP4 player, Digital Camera, PDA, Hand-held Video Games
Power: Built-in Li-ion
Battery Life: 15-30 minutes talk time, 4-8 hours standby
Connectors: Mini-USB to USB
Dimensions: 50 mm x 30 mm x 10 mm (closed)
Cable length: 73 mm
Certification: CE, FCC

Product Notes:

3 uses:
- It is a standalone charger. Simply connect it to your device and your device battery will be automatically charged
- When you have access to a PC, laptop, notebook, or netbook but a USB charging cable isn't available, this unit can act as a charging cable.
- When you have access to a PC, laptop, notebook, or netbook but a USB transfer cable isn't available, this unit can act as a transfer cable.
- When folded over on itself, the part of the body acts as a cap to protect the mini-USB and USB connectors from harm.

Package Contents:

Battery Charger
Cellphone Fob

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I buy this when I can just buy an extra battery?
First, an extra battery would cost almost 10 times more than this gadget. Second, it would be impossible to carry an extra battery around attached as a fob on your cellphone or keychain.

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12-Month Warranty

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