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Scuba Mask Camera

Scuba Mask Camera
Scuba Mask Camera
Reference : 2MSK_CAM
Underwater Scuba Mask Camera (4GB)

Have fun at the beach with this Scuba accessory that comes with a little twist. Built with a camera lens that lets you take photos and videos underwater, along with 4GB of internal storage.

This is a great novelty and is ideal for pools and shallow reefs where underwater visibility is very clear. This scuba gadget comes with a magnetic ring that acts as a shutter release. Located at the top side of the Scuba mask are the ON/OFF and Camera icons.

To take photos and videos with this novelty gadget, you should perform the following:

- Brush the magnetic ring around the power icon, to power the camera ON.
- To capture a photo, brush the magnetic ring on the camera icon for one second, you should feel the Scuba mask vibrate once, this means that you have successfully taken a photo.
- To capture a video, brush the magnetic ring on the camera icon for 2 seconds, when the scuba mask vibrates twice in a row, then this indicates that you have begun filming.

At a Glance...

* Under water photography
* Great fun for the whole family
* Scuba diving mask and snorkel
* Take photos and video underwater

* Primar Function: Underwater Scuba Mask Camera and Snorkle (4GB)
* Color: Bluet, Transparent, Orange
* Material: ABS, Rubber, Tempered Glass
* Sensor: CMOS
* Mega Pixel: 1MP
* Video Specifications:
- Audio - 8000Hz 64 kb/s (1 chnl)
- Audio Codec- PCM Audio
- Recording Format - (AVI) MJPEG
- Frames Per Second: Auto

* Still Image Specifications:
- F/Stop - F/3
- ISO Speed - 100
- Focal Length - 6mm
- Exposure Time - 1/30
- Resolution - 1280x960
- dpi - 72
- Color Representation - sRGB
- Bit Depth - 24
- Flash - None
- White Balance - Auto

* Memory: 4GB Internal Memory
* Power Source: Built-in rechargeable battery
* Charge Type: Via USB Cable or Wall Adapter
* Certification: CE, FCC, CCC
* Dimensions:
- Mask - L:120 x W:155 x D:70 (mm)
- Snorkle - L:380(mm)

Product Notes:

* Underwater camera with video recording option.
* Really cool gadget will make others at the beach jealous of you.
* Excellent novalty for children, get kids interested in marine biology and scuba diving at an early age.

Package Contents:

* Scuba Mask with built in camera and snorkle
* USB Cable
* USB Wall Charger
* Attachments
* User Manual and CD - English


Can the memory on the scuba mask with video camera be expanded?
* The scuba mask with built in video camera comes with 4GB of internal storage, the memory cannot be expanded. Does it also record audio?
Yes, the underwater scuba mask with built in video camera also records audio.
* I've never hear of an auto frames per second before, how can it be auto?
Depending on lighting conditions, the video recording frame rate will slow down in low lighting conditions in order to capture as much detail as possible.

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