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Walkie Talkie kit

Walkie Talkie kit
Walkie Talkie kit
Reference : ZTWLARYNG
Walkie Talkie kit and Lagynrophone phone

You're in the army now. Well, sort of. With the communication set, you can communicate effectively with dozen of other people, may they be co-workers, other security staff, guards or simply fellow paintballers.

The walkie talkies enable to chat from up to 5 kilometers away, to many people simultaneously. Not to mention that no expensive monthly fee and subscription is required! Use the throat mike to talk without being heard by other people than those you mean to. That's because laryngophones capture the vibrations from your vocal chords. So no need to shout, even in the noisiest situations. In fact, the throat mike supresses 90 percents of unwanted noise. You can afford to only whisper and be heard by your partners.

A great communication set for a great price.

Walkie Talkies:

UHF radio frequencies
Reliable and robust
Output: 2.5W
- Channel 1, 400-420MHz
- Channel 2, 430-450MHz
- Channel 3, 450-470MHz
- Channel 4, 400-470MHz
Range: 5 kilometers
AC voltage: 220V to 250V
Rechargeable NiMh battery
Dimensions: 175 x 59 x 33

Compatible with Motorola, Kenwood and most other brands of walkie talkies (contact us if need be)
One size fits all
2 Push-To-Talk buttons (one detachable)
Circular 5 pin connector
3.5mm and 2.5 mm jacks for earphones and mikes
Dimensions: mini push-to-talk button cable length: 80 cm
Dimensions: laryngophone: 15 cm max.
Dimensions: microphone cable length: 60 to 230 cm
Dimensions: laryngophone cable length: 50 to 200 cm

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Laryngophone f. WalkieTalkie
Laryngophone f. WalkieTalkie
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Walkie Talkie kit (UHF)
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