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Why you should buy your Mobiles Phones at Luteo Electronic Gadgets
Cell phones for 1 dollar? What's behind? Cell phone companies first get rid of obsolete items; the same items that, a few weeks earlier were very expensive. Other cheap offers are, obviously, a way to attract and catch new customers. What the cell phone companies give with one hand, they take away with the other thanks to very expensive plans. If you want one of the new mobile phones on the market, you may buy it at a '' reasonable '' price. However, you will get a long term plan with a hefty monthly bill. On the contrary, if you buy an unlocked cell phone, you will be able to choose any plan, with any provider. That is total freedom. This is what Luteo Electronic Gadgets offers. If you buy your cell phone on, you will be able to:
1) Pick any provider, any plan
2) Get the newest features on the market
In other words, no need to tie your hands in order to get the most functional mobile phones! Our cell phones are also most often quadband phones (quadriband phones means that they work on all frequencies, thus working all over the world) and dual SIM (meaning you can have 2 phones in 1, 2 plans if necessary; no more need to have a phone for work in addition to your personal one). The range of features is wide: from the obvious ones like Bluetooth to the newest ones (Digital TV, accelerometer ) ... You dream of iPhone? Check some of our models. Not only do they offer you the same features, they also give you total freedom in addition to dual SIM. While cell phones companies bind you to choose the right combination of features-cost and length of plan, Luteo Electronic Gadgets offers you complete flexibility.
To have a look at our cell phones,
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