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Wireless Keyboard and Touch Pad

Wireless Keyboard and Touch Pad
Wireless Keyboard and Touch Pad
Reference : Z4_TCH_PAD
Wireless Keyboard and Touch Pad so you can use your LCD TV or your DLP projector as an alternative computer monitor from up to 40 feet away. Use this wireless keyboard and touch pad either in your home, conference room, classroom or in even in a lecture theatre to astound your audience.

This wireless keyboard with touch pad works on (RF) radio frequency, meaning there is no object that can get in the way of you having full control of your computer. This is a great gadget for controlling your computer so you can do things like download movies and watch them on the big screen without ever having to leave the comfort of your sofa.

The wireless keyboard with touch pad is suitable for

* Lecturing
* Conference
* Presentations
* Home entertainment

If you are looking to enhance internet TV viewing and you are searching for a wireless remote control, then your search is over. This is what you've been looking for. The keyboard comes with backlighting that allows you to type and read text easily in dark and even dim light. And best of all it is a simple plug and play device, that requires no software or driver installation what-so-ever.

This wireless keyboard with touch pad lets you remotely operate your computer from within a radius of 40 feet. Thousands of users today are already experiencing the fun and power of wireless keyboards or touch pads, but they usually cost $200-$300.

At a Glance...

* Mouse and Touch Pad
* Mini keyboard
* Wireless 2.4GHz Radio Frequency
* Great for presentations and home entertainment

* Main Function: Wireless Keyboard with Mouse Touch Pad For Your TV
* Wireless Frequency: (R.F 2.4GHz) Radio Frequency
* 2.4GHz DSSS radio transreceiver
* Maximum Usage Distance: 20 Meters
* Charging Method: Via USB Cable to PC USB Port
* Keyboard Style: QWERTY keyboard for convenience user input
* Indication LED Light: Signal, Data Transmission, Power, Battery, Charging
* Charge Duration: Approx. 2 Hours
* On Board Buttons: ON/OFF
* Backlight: Yes
* Dimensions:
- L:127 x W:85 x D:10 (mm)
- Touch Pad - L:55 x W:21 (mm)
* Certification: CE, FCC, CCC
* Operating System Requirements: Mac OS, Linux, Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7.

Product Notes:

* Convenient pocket size gadget
* Great for professional lecturing and presentations
* Simple Plug and Play no software or driver installation required
* Connecting your PC to TV. You can download movies by the Keyboard and enjoy watching them on your big screen
* Layout of the keyboard language automatically adjusts to the current layout that is on you computer
* Power Saving Mode - press RF button to start using when not in use for a while
* Integrated Mouse and Touch Pad - Use as a point and click or as a directional pad to navigate menus and make selections

Package Contents:

* Wireless Keyboard with Mouse and Touch Pad
* USB Charging Cable
* Wireless USB Dongle
* Instructions Manual - English

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

* How do I use this wireless keyboard with touch pad>
Its easy, step one: Insert the USB dongle receiver to any available USB port on your computer or laptop. Step two: Take the wireless keyboard with mouse pad, hit the RF button. Step three: Start enjoying full control of you monitor of projector from 30 feet .
* Does this wireless keyboard with mouse pad automatically determine the language settings, or do you have to configure it separately?
This is a simple plug and play device, no configurations of any sort is needed. It will automatically determine the keyboard layout of your desktop or laptop computer, so you can input commands as you would on your normal desktop keyboard.
* Is it easy to operate this wireless touch pad with keyboard?
It is very easy to operate this wireless touch pad with keyboard, just connect the wireless receiver to your PC USB port and start using the wireless keyboard with touch pad instantly.
* Does this wireless keyboard with touch pad work while still connected to a USB port for charging?
Yes, it will still work even when connected to a USB connection.

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